The Spirit of Euphoria!



Brand Ideology

The Enduring Bliss of the "Slow"!

Tormented, mother earth has pressed reboot. However, even in doing so, generous as she is, she has afforded us another chance for us to rebuild, re...

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My Tryst with Flowers

Flowers often get you on a trip down the memory lane, ringing in bouts of nostalgia and remembrance of times that once were. For a few, they lend a...

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A Dream is realized

The Story Begins

"Chetna Bagga", the designer's eponymous label is launched, to help promote indigenous textile crafts and recreate the sartorial elegance of the yesteryears.

Our creations find a permanent home!


March 2015, our flagship studio comes up at the upscale Nirvana Country, Sector 50 in Gurgaon.

First 1000 delighted customers

Spreading Joy & Bringing smiles!

It's been pleasure serving you. We hope to have played our part in weaving a lifetime of joyous memories.

Strengthening bonds with the artisans

Giving it back!

We pledge that our fabrics shall be almost exclusively sourced directly from the weavers or NGOs supporting income generation at the grassroots. The benefits of our efforts have to be inclusive, supply chains ethical and our products  sustainable. Slow fashion is our raison d'etre!

Chetna Bagga X Carma

Spreading our Wings!

Carma, our first collaboration with a multi-designer studio to serve our customers across across the world. 3 years and counting!

International collaborations

Traversing past the oceans!

We're shipping internationally through our collaborations with studios in New York, San Francisco and London

Launch of our e-studio

World is our canvas

We have had the privilege of serving customers across 4 continents. To ensure we're able to serve them better and seamlessly, we'll be now available worldwide, through our e-studio.