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Our Story

driving change through your wardrobes

SLOW Fashion

Slow-Fashion led eco-friendly and conscious clothing is one that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices, without compromising on style or quality of fashion. Our brand of Fashion embodies these principles!

We believe empowering our customers with the right choices shall go a long way in ensuring minimal carbon footprint and a healthier planet! 

Whether you're looking out for outfits from a Designer Clothing Store or simply scouting for a Clothing Store Nearby, come join us in this endeavor to leave a better legacy for our children.

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Want vs. Need Based Clothing

Want vs. Need Based Clothing

When you buy slow fashion and need based clothing, you are voting with your wallet for a fairer, more sustainable world. You are also investing in...

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Our Story

A Dream is realized

The Story Begins

"Chetna Bagga", the designer's eponymous label is launched, to help promote indigenous textile crafts and recreate the sartorial elegance of the yesteryears.

Our creations find a permanent home!


March 2015, our flagship studio comes up at the upscale Nirvana Country, Sector 50 in Gurgaon.

First 1000 delighted customers

Spreading Joy & Bringing smiles!

It's been pleasure serving you. We hope to have played our part in weaving a lifetime of joyous memories.

Strengthening bonds with the artisans

Giving it back!

We pledge that our fabrics shall be almost exclusively sourced directly from the weavers or NGOs supporting income generation at the grassroots. The benefits of our efforts have to be inclusive, supply chains ethical and our products  sustainable. Slow fashion is our raison d'etre!

Chetna Bagga X Carma

Spreading our Wings!

Carma, our first collaboration with a multi-designer studio to serve our customers across across the world. 3 years and counting!

International collaborations

Traversing past the oceans!

We're shipping internationally through our collaborations with studios in New York, San Francisco and London

Launch of our e-studio

World is our canvas

We have had the privilege of serving customers across 4 continents. To ensure we're able to serve them better and seamlessly, we'll be now available worldwide, through our e-studio.

Designer Clothing Store in Gurgaon

Chetna Bagga: Reviving Tradition with Sustainable, Ethical and Slow Fashion

At Chetna Bagga, we believe that fashion is not just about what you wear, but also about how it's made. Rooted in a deep appreciation for India's rich textile heritage and a commitment to sustainability, we are more than just a fashion label – we like to see ourselves as custodians of tradition, champions of ethical practices, and creators of timeless elegance.

As an Indian homegrown Fashion Designer based in Gurgaon, Chetna Bagga infuses her creations with a sense of cultural richness and authenticity. Inspired by the beauty of natural fabrics and classical silhouettes, each piece in our collection is a celebration of India's diverse textile traditions. From hand-spun khadi to pure silks, ikkats, chanderis, cottons and ethically sourced wool, we prioritize the use of natural materials that are not only luxurious but also gentle on the environment and the wearer's skin.

Central to our ethos is our collaboration with local artisans. By working closely with skilled craftsmen and women from across the country, we not only support traditional livelihoods but also ensure that every garment tells a story of human skill and ingenuity. From handloom weavers in remote villages to expert embroiderers and dyers, we strive to create a sustainable ecosystem where creativity flourishes and dignity is upheld.

But what truly sets Chetna Bagga apart is our commitment to reviving ancient and medieval garment construction techniques. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old manuscripts, archaeological findings, and historical textiles, we meticulously study and reimagine forgotten methods of draping, pleating, and embellishment. The result? Exquisite pieces that blend timeless elegance with modern sensibility, embodying the enduring beauty of tradition in a contemporary context.

Whether you're searching for a Designer Clothing Store in Gurgaon or Clothing Shops near me, Chetna Bagga offers a sanctuary for those who seek more than just fashion – those who seek meaning, those who wish to not only indulge in exquisitely crafted garments but also participate in a movement towards more mindful consumption. Our studio is a place where craftsmanship is celebrated, where sustainability is prioritized, and where every purchase makes a positive impact. By choosing Chetna Bagga, you not only adorn yourself in exquisite finery but also become part of a movement towards more mindful consumption and cultural preservation.

As a Fashion Designer in Gurgaon, Chetna Bagga is more than just a name – she is a storyteller, a curator of tradition, and a beacon of elegance in a world of fleeting trends. Join us on a journey where every thread tells a tale, and where style is synonymous with substance. Welcome to Chetna Bagga – where tradition meets elegance, and fashion becomes a statement of conscience.