The Inspiration - Nostalgia & Craftsmanship



Those time weathered hands working on the looms; Needles painstakingly jumping between fingers and passing through those fine stitches have always inspired us to reunite with our roots - those that lie in slow fashion, in hand-crafted products, in handwoven fabrics and cherished embroideries perfected and nurtured over centuries.

Our creations are inspired by India’s idiosyncrasies - the eclectic mix of cultures, the amalgamation of the old and the new, this heady blend of traditions, vibrant hues and design forms. Our's is an attempt is to treasure our dying ancient and medieval textile traditions. 

Design Ideology

Our designs are a play in opulent fabrics and vintage constructions, a unison of ebullience and minimalism that offers ample room for self expression. soulful creations are hand crafted for a generation of confident, self assured women from all walks of urban life. 


About the Designer

Chetna Bagga - Revivalist & Founder

Chetna believes in creating poetry in Indian fabrics; her creations are an experiment in unifying us with Indian heritage through the fine threads of our master-weavers, encouraging quality craftsmanship coupled with designs that bring about a fusion of classical styles and weaves with contemporary design sensibilities.

Passionate about empowerment at the grass roots level, she has been working with craftswomen and men from all over India helping promote their craft. Her attempt is to treasure our dying ancient and medieval textile traditions that have been carefully nurtured, perfected and passed on by generations of Indians.

“A self taught designer, with no formal education in fashion but only a passion for Indian culture, I had an opportunity to work with some of the biggest international brands for over a decade. Harbouring deep love for everything Indian, I found my calling during a chance encounter with a national awardee weaver, one who had extremely modest means.
That set the ball rolling for me to travel extensively, get inspired, reinvent and revive traditional Indian textile crafts and make it relevant for an urban audience that’s seemingly drifting away from our roots.
My eponymous, slow fashion label “Chetna Bagga” is aimed at empowerment at the grass roots levels and we work with weavers and artisans from all over India helping promote their craft. Wearing our values up our sleeves is second nature and being ethically conscious and sustainable is intertwined in our operations”